Introductions & First Impressions

Hi. For anyone who cares to read and/or know, I’m Sam, and this is the billionth time I’ve tried to get this blog going. However, I’m hoping this will be the last one; the “liaison finale,” the one that brings it all together. See my culinary humor there?! No? Perhaps next time.

I love food, and I’ve loved it for a long time. Eating it, making it, and sharing my experiences about it to anyone that’ll listen. My love of food exists on a deeper level than just sitting at a table, stuffing my face, and posting about it on Yelp. I love food with all of my senses. The smell of a freshly baked chocolate croissant coming out of the oven is just magical. The sizzling sound that a steak makes when it comes in contact with a hot surface and begins to sear…The rainbow of colors in a fresh salad bowl…the rich & smooth texture of a French style chocolate ice cream…That’s why I went to culinary school. I was going to be a pastry chef; a sweet making sorcerer, wielding my knife and my spatula as if it were some sort of magic wand. I also aspired to be a multi-talented individual…someone like Anthony Bourdain and Ruth Reichl that not only cooked, but also had the opportunity to share about the experience of it to an audience.

I can still remember the restaurant that jump-started it all; my love of food, and wanting to share about it to anyone that would listen. I couldn’t have been more than six. It’s called Edgar’s, and back abut 20+ years ago it was located on the UWS on 84th & Broadway, if I’m not mistaken. I remember seeing it for the first time, and being hypnotized immediately. It was small, but quaint. I believe there was a savory side to the menu, but I was drawn to the pastry case; it seemed to glow like the halo of angel, containing so many different sweets inside it, it was difficult to pick just one. I even remember writing about it in school for some essay assignment the teacher gave out. I guess that was my first ever food writing piece; I kind of wish I had a copy to look at right now. Edgar’s still exists today, but it has since migrated to 91st and Amsterdam. But, that’s a story for another time. I won’t bore you with a little girl’s thoughts that are well over twenty years old.

Let’s hit the fast-forward button to now. The movie Spaceballs comes to mind; particularly the scene where Lord Helmet and Colonel Sanders put in a copy of the movie to locate an answer to their dilemma and are “looking at now.” Hehe *cheesy grin*. I’m in my very late 20’s, and unfortunately, not as accomplished as I’d hoped and set out to be. I’ll spare you the “I didn’t come from much and life was a struggle to get to where I am” speech, but I hoped that I’d be in a bit of a different place than I am now. Life unfolded itself in a less than stellar way, and I’ve been continuously working to change that. I’m not in the restaurant world anymore, and I’m saddened by that thought. I’m stuck working a full time job that’s of no interest to me whatsoever because I can’t afford to work in a restaurant. I don’t have a well-known blog or column. Ruth Reichl and I aren’t BFFs, and we don’t go out in disguise reviewing restaurants together. I’ll always remember meeting and getting to talk to Anthony Bourdain, but he probably doesn’t remember ever meeting me. So, here we are. These are going to be my thoughts, the bits and pieces of my life. I hope you stick around and continue on this journey with me. If not, that’s cool too. See you around.



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