Bite Beauty: The Multistick

I love Bite Beauty. As a foodie, I appreciate that the ingredients they use are food grade quality, and it doesn’t hurt that the names of the products are food related (#nerd) as well. They’ve recently released a new product called The Multistick, which is supposed to be a 3-in-1 product that you can use on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. The Multistick comes in 18 colors and costs $24 each. You can buy them at Sephora or The packaging is sturdy and metal with a soft, rubbery texture, and I adore the magnetic closure!

I have this product in 3 colors; Blondie, Cocoa, and Macaroon. The formula is rich, creamy, and pigmented, right on par with other Bite items. I have normal/combination skin, most of my face being normal and the nose area and T-Zone are oily, especially in the summer months.

I’ve worn 2 colors on my face as blush (Macaroon and Blondie) with NYX Angel Veil primer and L’oreal Pro Matte foundation, and I’m pleased with the wear time. I wore it to work (I work around food and drinks) and when I got home 10 hours later, the color wasn’t as pigmented, but definitely still there. While they don’t last all day on my lips (it’s a traditional cream formula), the formula is moisturizing and really easy to apply. Macaroon is a beautiful everyday color for that. I’ve also tried Blondie as a sort of one color eye look, and it worked nicely for that as well. I’m light complected, so it looked somewhat like my skin, but with a hint of natural color. I imagine Cocoa would make an awesome vampy lip color, contour color for the right skin tone, or even eye liner or shadow color, but I have yet to use it.

I personally only found “negative” to this product, and it’s not that big of a deal since I don’t make a habit of sharing cosmetics, but I could see how one might think this product could harbor bacteria. It might be wise to sanitize the surface before applying it directly to the various sections of your face, or you could use a brush, but other than that, I’d rate this a solid 4/5, definitely worth repurchasing when the time comes.



*DISCLAIMER: I received these products from Influenster to try, but all opinions are my own. I’m disclosing this because I’m cool like that, and lying isn’t nice.






Battman & Genevieve

I met Battman some time in late November, I think. He’s one of the most recognized food photographers in NYC. You may even know some of his non-foodie work on the ever popular New York City Fireman Calendar. He’s worked with many amazing chefs on various projects and features his work on The Chefs Connection, sort of like a Facebook for chefs. He was kind enough to bring me on some assignments with him, as well as introduce me to some great people. Keep reading to find out a bit more on Genevieve Meli, a New York City pastry chef.

Genevieve Meli never had that “aha!” moment that told her she wanted to be a pastry chef. It was simply something that was rooted in her core, written as if it were a part of her genetic code. “I was just born into it…I just knew that’s what I wanted to do.” I had the chance to sit down with Meli recently at Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria, where she is the Executive Pastry Chef. We laughed about life & times at The Culinary Institute of America and living in the Hudson Valley, and she let me into her personal life a little bit. She walked me through the journey of how she started, where she’s worked, some culinary struggles here and there, and a few other moments all-leading up to today’s time; a time where she has her own staff at a successful New York City restaurant, a time in which her first cook book, Sweet Nature, is about to launch, a time in which Meli’s career is only beginning to bloom, and she is unstoppable.

Meli knew from a young age that she wanted to be a pastry chef. “I want to be an artist!” is what she told her parents. When they challenged her with the whole “starving artist” bit, she told them she was going to be a pastry chef, and the rest is history, as they say. Although her history is sprinkled with some culinary giants, including Karen DeMasco, Gavin Kaysen, and Jacques Torres, just to name a few, Meli remains incredibly humble. “I just want to create and have a good time doing it!” she stated with so much happiness. Meli’s passion and energy was contagious, and I enjoyed scribbling down her thoughts. At one point during our chat I remember her leaning over and ask “What are you writing over there? I hope you got something good, I’m kind of boring, ”she said, as she tried to peak at my notes. However, I found her to be anything but boring. Meli is incredibly focused and driven, but very calm and easy to talk to. She’s partial to a “very zen kitchen,” no nonsense. Her kitchen is her sanctuary, a sacred place in which she and her staff create edible art. While she’s perfectly content with where she is now, Meli aspires to own her own little chocolate shop somewhere in the Hudson Valley in the future. Until then, stop by Il Buco and try on of her sweet creations!