Cover Has You Covered

Have you ever been out to eat when all of a sudden, something comes up and you just have to go? Or perhaps, you’ve been ready to settle the bill and your server is on the seventh ring of Saturn, nowhere to be found? Or even, my personal favorite, the friend who has problems splitting the check fairly/correctly? Don’t worry, there’s an app for all of that! It’s called Cover, and it could change the way diners settle tabs forever. It functions similarly to PayPal, but for restaurants. Although Cover is currently only being piloted in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York City markets, the features of Cover are promising, and worth the wait until it launches nationally (or internationally?), in my opinion. It’s free to download in both the Apple App store, as well as on Google Play.

Cover is pretty simple to use. Upon completion of download, you can build your profile, add your preferred credit/debit card, set default tip percentage, search restaurants, and invite friends to sign up for Cover and dine with you. When you get to the restaurant, check into the restaurant on your phone, let your server know that you’re paying with Cover, and that’s essentially it. Order what you like, sit back, and enjoy your meal. You don’t even have to wait to settle the bill, Cover and the restaurant will take care of all of that. You can split the tab amongst guests in party right then and there; they don’t even have to have the app. They have up to seven days to sign up and pay their portion. Cover also keeps a history of the restaurants you visited and who you dined with, in case you ever needed to reference that information. Also, as I discovered, if your phone is dying, Cover will notify you (as if you didn’t already see the red bar of death) that your bill will be settled even if your phone dies! Once the bill is settled, an e-mail confirmation will be sent out for your records.

There you have it, fellow foodies. Using cover can save you time and unnecessary headaches and math calculations. Dining just got simplified…I kind of wish I had a Staples button to press right now (that was easy). Have fun, invite your friends, and don’t forget to pay with Cover!


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