Culinary Council Demo: Todd English on 11/9

I’ve been following Todd English for a long time; probably since before culinary school. He’s a very talented chef, seems to be an awesome dad and person, and was wonderful to me each time I’ve had the pleasure of encountering him; not to mention, he’s incredibly handsome. I’ve met him twice over the years, and I appreciate him more & more with each time. He’s always friendly, engaging, and playful. This past demo in Macy’s Herald Square he was playing peek-a-boo with the audience while he was being announced and cracking jokes like we were best friends (Ha, I wish). I love that. I almost didn’t make it to this demo too, but I’m so glad I did. Big shout out to fellow blogger and sweetheart Johanny Casillas and Jenna from Macy’s PR for making it happen, especially on such short notice. Check out Girls On Food for a bit of a recap of the event!

2016.11.09 Macy's MCC with Todd English
Chef & I. Photo appears courtnesy of Kent Miller Studios for Macy’s





Double the blog, Double the Fun!

Clearly this blog doesn’t have a lot of content on it yet. I suppose that’s because it’s self funded and I hardly ever any extra cash to visit anything more than a Chipotle thanks to my best friend Sallie Mae. Should you be feeling some Sam withdrawl, know that I do write for another blog as well.

I’ve been writing for Girls On Food since about the time of my birthday, August of 2015. Julianne is an awesome boss. She’s pretty chill, and gives us GOF ladies lots of creative freedom & encouragement. I love the blog because it’s just…fun, for lack of better terminology. Most of the girls are not pro critics themselves, nor is Pete Wells on their speed-dial. However, a small number of us, myself including, are currently or have at one point been professional foodies in one respect or another. Julianne encourages an atmosphere that’s lighthearted and relaxing & simple; we write about things we love, and don’t bother with the things we don’t. Although I do love a well written, properly structured food piece myself, sometimes it’s therapeutic to write about your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s, or like in my most recent piece, your favorite winter comfort food. Mine happens to be grilled cheese and tomato soup. Simple, sure. However, things are classics for a reason.

Check out Girls On Food for some more content from me, as well as some other food-fascinated ladies from around the country.