Culinary Council Demo: Todd English on 11/9

I’ve been following Todd English for a long time; probably since before culinary school. He’s a very talented chef, seems to be an awesome dad and person, and was wonderful to me each time I’ve had the pleasure of encountering him; not to mention, he’s incredibly handsome. I’ve met him twice over the years, and I appreciate him more & more with each time. He’s always friendly, engaging, and playful. This past demo in Macy’s Herald Square he was playing peek-a-boo with the audience while he was being announced and cracking jokes like we were best friends (Ha, I wish). I love that. I almost didn’t make it to this demo too, but I’m so glad I did. Big shout out to fellow blogger and sweetheart¬†Johanny Casillas¬†and Jenna from Macy’s PR for making it happen, especially on such short notice. Check out Girls On Food for a bit of a recap of the event!

2016.11.09 Macy's MCC with Todd English
Chef & I. Photo appears courtnesy of Kent Miller Studios for Macy’s